“Artolithia Apartments” - The area

The Prefecture of Preveza belongs to the district of Epirus and is located in north-west Greece. The prefecture is famous for its long and spotless beaches. One of the best is Artolithia Beach, which is located near Preveza- Parga highway, in Riza, Preveza. The beach is literally astonishing and the well-known crystal clear sea of Ionian is waiting for you.

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In order to get her you can use the flights that connect the airports of Aktio and Corfu with the biggest Greek and European cities. You can also travel by car visiting that way landscapes of unique beauty. Once you arrive in Epirus you should drive along Preveza-Igoumenitsa National Highway. 25km away from the city of Preveza, you will find our beautiful region, Artolithia.

Here in this beautiful area with the picturesque beach, you will find for your stay the comfortable complex Artolithia Rooms, where you will enjoy your holidays in the best possible way. We are waiting for you so that you experience the hospitality of Epirus.

“Artolithia Apartments” - Sights in the area

By staying at Artolithia apartments complex, you will have the opportunity to visit the sights of our region

  • Nikopolis, important ancient Roman city built in 27 BC
  • Nekromantio (oracle of the dead), which was a sanctuary in antiquity
  • The sources of Acheron river, region with a breathtaking natural environment
  • Zalogo, with the monument of the women of Souli
  • Parga, with the Venetian castle and the intense night life
  • The beautiful beaches of Preveza
  • The city of Preveza and its monuments

More about the area: www.epirus.org.